Have You Hugged Your Farmers Market This Week?

Elio Duarte of Millbrook Farm holds up an eggplant

In case you didn’t know, August 22- 28, 2010 is Massachusetts Farmers Market week, as proclaimed by Governor Deval Patrick.  Despite the pouring rain that drenched Massachusetts during the first half of the week, the Farmers Markets were open for business, and intrepid farmers and shoppers were smiling and swapping recipes, as usual.

Logo for Loving Local blogathon, designed by Leon Peters

In honor of Mass Farmers Market Week, the In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens blog has been hosting a farm-fresh blogathon, called Loving Local: Celebrating the Flavors of Massachusetts, with a little help from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and Mass Farmers Markets.  If you are loving especially locally this week, please consider donating to Mass Farmers Markets, a non-profit that helps the markets thrive. And check out the cool posts from the blogathon for some mouth-watering recipes.

I celebrated Mass Farmers Market Week doing what I’ve been doing throughout this glorious summer—shopping at and cooking and eating food from farmers markets.  But the great thing about farmers markets is that, as the season progresses, there’s always something new to taste or do there.

Artis Cooper buys red roses from Fanci Nanci to brighten a gloomy day

This week, I picked up my first shipment from the Cape Ann Fresh Catch Community Supported Fishery—two pounds of filleted, fresh haddock that Michelle immediately baked and we served with mashed baby tomatoes, steamed corn, and a tomato and cucumber salad dressed with avocado oil and balsamic vinegar—all veggies from the market, of course.

Since my spouse is not a vegetarian, fish is one of the few commonly-available food that we can enjoy together at home or in restaurants.  As the Cape Ann folks say, “Your participation in the CAFC CSF not only helps our local economy prosper, it delivers to your table the freshest locally-caught, sustainable, seafood available.” For more info about CSFs, read this great article from The Wall Street Journal.

Laurie Herboldsheimer of Golden Rule Honey offers a sample

I also tried a new taste treat this week: The Queen of Chocolate – Spicy Chocolate Mix from Golden Rule Honey. It’s a honey-sweetened, powdery blend of rich, natural high fat cocoa, Golden Rule’s treatment-free Arizona Rangeland Honey, and Turkish Aleppo pepper). Although the combination sounds weird, it delivers a solid hit of chocolate with a spicy kick that satisfies my chocolate cravings. I’ve been enjoying it sprinkled on Blue Frog Bakery’s Seven-Grain Bread with Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter

Golden Rule Honey co-owners Laurie Herboldsheimer and Dean Stiglitz, authors of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beekeeping, sell honey and chocolate at the Community Servings Farmers Market and 6 other markets each week. Unlike most beekeepers, “We don’t medicate our bees or feed them sugar or high-fructose corn syrup,” Herboldsheimer told me.

Every week is Massachusetts Farmers Market Week at my house.

5 thoughts on “Have You Hugged Your Farmers Market This Week?

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  3. I’m excited about the CSF, but I’m new to it, so don’t have much to report. They canceled the first two scheduled shipments, because they weren’t able to get an adequate supply of quality fish. They are going to extend the season an extra week to try to make it up, which is generous, since they are not obligated to do so. It is pretty expensive–it works out to $12 a pound. As a fish-eating vegetarian, however, I eat a lot of fish and it is important to me that the ocean and the people who make their living from it are provided for.

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